10 Small Business Ideas for Summer

Although the summer of 2020 is not quite like an ordinary summer (because of the latest events in the world), in any case, our life goes on. And the beginning of summer is an occasion to think what small business you can do this summer. Artgetting decided to help you to figure it out.

Car Wash and Detailing. You can offer a car wash and detailing session, in the summer this is especially relevant. For that you would need some suppliers including car soap, wax, dash polisher, window spray etc. In the internet you can also watch some tutorials.

Child care. In summer kids are at hom and they don`t go to school. You can offer to watch children at least once a week while parents are working. You also can take children to different activities.

Pool Maintenance. Currently because of corona virus many people won`t go anywhere this summer, though they have pools at their houses, and they likely need someone to clean them and keep them up to code. It is not very expensive to set up business like that. It requires particular equipment and some know-how, you also can use your home as the office.

Photo by @aftab417 on Unsplash

Face painting. Returning to the business related to children, it is worth noting that another great option is a face painting service. This kind of service will help to keep children busy at the parties. You can draw a few designs before and suggest children to pick one of the variants. Also we would recommend to invest in some good face paint and brushes.

Flowers Delivery. Now there are in a great demand the delivery of goods, food and … of course, flowers! People try to order everything online, therefore, this type of business will definitely be in demand this summer! You can set up a small local business offering fresh flowes delivery. In order to start you can take couple of vases and fill them with beautiful flowers from local grocery store.

Barbecue Catering. This business idea is very funny and enjoyable in summer. Barbecues is very popular during that time. If you are a great grill master, you can add some marketing skills and organize summer catering at outdoor summer gathering.

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Swimming lessons. Summer is almost the only time for kids to learn how to swim. Not every parent has time for that, so you can use a moment and offer swimming lessons! You can teach children how to swim in your pool and if you don`t have your own one, you can offer to meet at the public pool or at nearby lake. You should have all necessary equipment for that (for example, arm floaties).

Garden care. Every person would like to have a beautiful garden but not everybody has time for that (especially in summer). You can offer hedge sheering, weed pulling, bulb planting etc. In order to start you can tell about your idea to your family and friends and for sure, you will find your first clients!

Water Sports Instruction. If you live near the beach, you may notice that many people are trying to spean a lot of time near the water in summer. They also might want to have somebody who could teach them some new water-based skills like surfing or waterskiing. So if you posess such skills you can offer this kind of service to the tourists in your area.

Party Entertainment. In summer there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs. For that you should have some special skills connected with the entertainment industry (for example, the entertainment industry stand ups, playing music, dancing etc.). You can be a musician at the weeding or a clown at the children parties. Everything depends on your skills and fantasy!

photo by Miguel Teirlinck on Unsplash