6 photographs which changed our world

Photography is an art form in its own right. Artgetting decided to show you the most moving photos that you will remember forever. They may change our worldview and inspire us.

Lunch Atop A Skyscraper

This famous photo was taken in 1932 during the construction of the Rockefeller Centre in New York Citty. 11 men are eating lunch sitting on a girdir.
The photograph shows the calm and determination of the workers despite their dangerous profession. The author of the photo is unknown, although earlier authorship was mistakenly attributed to the American photographer and sociologist Lewis Hine. It will be a little disappointing that the picture is staged, although it depicts real workers.

The Falling Man

Richard Drew

It is a photo taken by a journalist Richard Drew in 2001 during terrifying events – the September 11 attacks in New York City. We can see one of the man who was trapped on the upper floors of the North Tower (though his exact identity is unknown). It is not known whether he was excaping from the fire or maybe he hoped that by some miracle he would survive. There is also a documentary about the photo: “9/11: The Falling Man” (2006).

A Man on the Moon


It is one of the most famous photographs in the 20th century, which symbolizes the beginning of a new era for the humanity. At the photo we can see Apollo 11 astrounaut Buzz Aldrin who walks on the surface of the Moon. It was taken by Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong with a 70 mm lunar surface camera.

Dalí Atomicus

Philippe Halsman

At the photo we can see a famous painter Salvador Dali captured by his friend Philippe Halsman. Halsman knew that he doesn`t want to make a simple portrait. Three cats and a bucket of water were thrown by his daughter and wife.

The Pillow Fight

Harry Besnson

Harry Benson has always considered himself a serious journalist and he didn`t want to make stories about music. But then he met a famous Liverpool band he thought ‘I am on the right story’. The photo captures joy, happiness and childishness.

Michael Jordan

Co Rentmeester

The photograph symbolizes the success of the iconic basketball player of all time. This is an example of true determination and perseverance. The photo inspired Nike to create their legendary Jumpman logo. In 2015, the author of the photo Co Rentmeester sued Nike, who earned millions on this logo, but the court did not recognize copyright infringement.