9 Youtube teachers you should follow

Almost the whole world has been isolated for several months. Despite not the most pleasant circumstances, this time can be used to good use. Artgetting has found the best YouTube teachers for you, let’s learn together!

Learn English online

For those for whom English language is not native, we can advise an excellent channel EngVid. The channel has its own teachers (each of them has own EndVid channel). In an ironic manner, teachers (native speakers) explain the rules of English . You can choose a teacher that suits you the most and start self-education!

Khan Academy

Content is 100% free and the channel has more than 5 mln. subscribers. You can find there short lessons in the form of video. Mathematics, chemistry, physics, economics, biology etc. – on the channel you can watch a video on the topics listed above.


Do you have questions? Do you want to find answers to them? Vsauce is an ideal place for that! How many holes does a human have? How to talk to Aliens? When will we run out of names? Interesting questions, interesint ganswers. The channel has more than 15 mln. subscribers.


This channel was created by 2 brothers: John and Hank Green. They are already more than 10 years on Youtube. Here the brothers share their thoughts on a variety of topics, reactions to recent world events. Imagine that you were left after class and talking to your teacher on smart topics.

 It`s okay to be smart

Joe Hanson (Ph.D.) makes interesting science videos for us! He explains the complex facts very clearly. Do trees talk? Why the stars are disappearing? Is your eye color real? Why doesn`t the Atmosphere crush us? Why are so many people allergic to food?


Hosts of the channel, Mike and Tristan, will help you to learn something new! They are making short and long videos abot everything that surrounds us. Channel`s name is list25, so each video will tell you 25 facts/reasons/stories etc. about someting. 25 Unpleasant Facts About History’s Best People or 25 Things You Never Knew about the Film Industry. 25 Things You Never Knew about the Film Industry or 25 Of The World’s Largest Dog Breeds.


A group of enthusiasts created an interesting channel where, in a slightly childish manner, they tell interesting facts about our planet. The videos are interesting and short, they are perfect for both adults and children. The channel has more than two million subscribers.

Сody`s lab

Cody posts video about crazy things he is doing! This is a channel for those who like to experiment! He explains soda`s behaviour, tries to understand how old is the tree, he is making chaircoal, barometer, modeling a gas with magnets.

Physics Girl

Dianna Cowern created a channel about physics. She had videos for every atom! She is doing some experiments at home and also expalins some interesint facts: how rainbows with No color are possible; what a quantum coin toss is; why Hawaii`s volcano is so unusual etc.