Kickstarter: Top projects to invest

Especially for you, we present the most fundable projects at Kikstarter. Kickstarter is specifically for creative projects in the following categories: Art, Comics, Crafts, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film & Video, Food, Games, Journalism, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology, and Theater. Make an album, write a book, create an immersive theater experience, score a film — you name it.

Can we call it successful? Definitely! We hope you will get some inspiration, or find something you always want to buy or invest.


Designed to enjoy the outdoors. The jacket you need to go skiing, hiking or everyday use. Ethically produced jackets, made to last. The goal was to collect €25k but in April 2020 we already see €300k. You probably curious because of what features it is so unique. Cortazu creates the highest-quality outerwear and sells it straight from the manufacturer to you. Eco friendly, warm, brethable and windproof.

Cortazu creates the highest-quality outerwear and sells it straight from the manufacturer to you. We’re happy to introduce our new Winter collection, including all the features you need to embrace the outdoors. From the Mountain to the City.    


Wiebe, Wouter & Herman are founders of the idea and based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

MOFT Z: The 4-in-1 invisible sit-stand laptop desk

It is remarkable! Looks like something you definitely need. This project was with the goal to collect €9,254, but in April 2020 it has already more than €547,458.

MOFT: Mobile Office for Travelers, is a brand dedicated to create inventions that boost your productivity on-the-go! Our formula is simple: Smart products = Increased efficiency. Whether you are a traveler, entrepreneur or a remote worker, our products provide the highest level of comfort making your hectic schedule productive and efficient! We work together and share the same passion towards a goal – To serve you better! Our products are designed with love, innovation, and attention!


We didn’t trade thinness for durability. Apart from the rock-steady Z structure and tri-angle bottom support, We used the fibre-glass to ensure the toughness of panels and a maximum of 22-lbs/9kg weight.

GREEN DISC | The cleanest chain care ever.

Drivt Bike Offenbach, Germany

A product design company that has specialized in safety – and smart bicycle accessories since 2014.

It is not a start-up, we do not dream of flagship stores and we do not participate in any pitches. We do what we like the most and are honestly convinced that it is something good and meaningful. We believe that crowdfunding is the best way to bring products to life – for dedicated companies and customers. Directly from maker to user – without detours and industrial value chains. Imprint for this campain:

This project was with the goal to collect €6500 via Kickstarter platform, but in April 2020 it has already more than €63,866.

DeskSpace: Lunar Surface

The moon has captured our hearts and imagination from the dawn of time. Now, you can bring its iconic surface down into your home. On 20th July 1969 the first human took the first steps on the surface of the moon. This event captured the imagination of the entire world and catapulted us into the space-age. Now each of us can experience a small slice of this event through DeskSpace – the most detailed model of the lunar surface currently available at this scale.  

This project was with the goal to collect €5,969 via Kickstarter platform, but in April 2020 it has already more than €69,080.

Created using data from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the beautiful topography of the far side of the moon has been recreated using jewelry-grade concrete. Hand-finished and presented on a precision machine space-grade aluminium base, this is a truly unique and fascinating item that will be a talking point in any home or office.   

Every one of us has looked to the stars and wondered about other worlds and the expanse of time and space. Our moon is but a tiny part of the night sky and yet it holds such wonder as it is so easily seen with the naked eye. Having a tiny piece of the moon as a stylish display item makes a wonderful gift for anyone who holds a fascination with space.