Educational Habits You Should Have

In the 21st century, we must be happy that we can use the Internet not only for entertainment, but also for finding the necessary information there. You can develop some educational habits that will help you improve yourself every day.

Set Holly Minutes

It doesn’t matter if you are very busy that day or not, try to give every day 10-15 holy minutes to your self-education. Try to do what you like. It is important that you do not suffer during these 15 minutes (but rather, enjoy them).

Сreate a Space For That

Do you pay attention on your studying environment? And do you know that these conditions affect your productivity? For example, I cannot write an article if French music is not included. This is my working atmosphere. And what makes you happy? Organize yourself a comfortable space that will inspire you to self-education. Get a comfortable chair, laptop, the books and notebooks if you need, pens/markers/pencils.

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Learn From Different Sources

There are different styles of learning (visual,social, solitary, logical, physical, verbal, and aural). The best way is to combine all thes styles or choose the most suitable for you (because, nevertheless, it is impossible to use all styles at once). In order to diversify your learning, do different things each time! Read articles and books, listen to the podcats, attend seminars, watch documentaries.

Join Online Communities

Now there are many communities where you can find people who are studying the same as you. You can try to find like-minded people on Facebook or Reddit. Learning together is a lot easier!

Take Online Courses

The best way to get quality content is to sign up for an online course, which was made up by a professional. Currently in the Internet you can find a lot of paid and free courses. If you have already completed any onlıne courses, write in the comments which platform you used. But if you are just in search of a suitable online platform with courses – I advise you to read our article on this topic.

Make Learning Your Lifestyle

Organize small challenges for yourself. For example, my challenge for the year 2020 is to read 48 books, so it means that I have to read one book a week, and then write a report on my Facebook page. If I do not have time to read the book, I will just be ashamed in front of my friends on Facebook, where I promised that I will read a lot. This is a great motivation for self-education! Come up with your own challenge!

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Set Goals

It is important to develop your educational habits. We recommend to set daily and monthly goals and try to accomplish them. Remember that there are short and long-term goals. In order to motivate you even more we ask you to write your educational goal for the next month in the comments below. We also recommend you to watch a TED talk of John Doerr “Why the secret to success is setting the right goals”.