Inspiring Speeches That Can Change Your Life

Sometimes, in order to be inspired to do something, you need to listen to other people who inspire with their speeches. We found really motivating videos for you. Who knows, maybe they will change your life? The best thing is to listen to people who share their experience.

JK Rowling tells about benifits of failure in her famous speech at Harvard Commencement. It is worth listening, because, at one time, several writers refused several writers before Harry Potter was published.

Emma Watson at the HeForShe Campaign 2014 speaks about women and men equality, she also asks men to fight for that.

Richard St. John gives short but very interesting and motivating speech about 8 secrets of success.

Malala Yousafzai Nobel Peace Prize Speech. It avery inspiring speech of a girl who survived after a Taliban attack that threatened her life because she was fighting for girls` education. “Why is it that giving guns is so easy, but giving books is so hard? Why is it that making tanks is so easy, but building schools is so hard?” – says Malala Yousafzai.

Matthew McConaughey – University of Houston Speech. The oscar-winning actor tells about success, that a person should define his success by himself.

Jim Carrey`s speech. A famous actor tells that even if you choose a ‘safe’ road in your life you can fail anyway, so maybe it is better to take a risk, isn`t it?

Martin Luther King Jr. tells us us that some things are more important than success  such as equal rights and treating each other with respect and kindness. 

Will Smith – Pursuit of Happiness. This is the speech of Will Smith from a famous movie ‘Pursuit of Happiness’.

Sheryl Sandberg – Harvard Business School Motivational Speech. Current COO of Facebook gave her speech to the Harvard Business School in 2012. “Motivation comes from working on things that we care about” – Sheryl Sandberg says.

And what is your favorite speech?