Learn foreign languages with native speakers for free

Artgetting team loves to learn foreign languages. We know sites and applications where you can find a native speaker and make language exchange for free. Enjoy! I discovered this site about 10 years ago and yes, it still exists!
During registration, you should mention which languages ​​you know and which languages ​​you are learning. After, you can search for an interlocutor by age and language parameters. Site is similiar to the typical social network, however the emphasis is on language exchange.

Tandem. There is application where you can find a partner for language exchange. In Tandem you can choose languages which you learn and then the app will ‘match’ you with those people who learn or speak the same languages. Also there is possibility to call and practive speaking skills. There is an option to translate the text sent by you interlocuter into your language. You can write and read reviews which can help you to choose a partner for language exchange. Also you can find a partner in your region searcing via location or сhoose a suitable tutor.

HelloTalk. This is another useful app, very similiar to Tandem though there are some differences. The main difference is that additionaly you have podcasts for listening and grammer checker (you can paste the text and get information whether there are some grammer mistakes). This app is nice, because it has such rare languages as Japanes, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese.

HiNative. This app is interesting, because you can ask a question to a native speaker (regarding pronunciation, grammar rules, interesting information about his country or region). This is a great way to “break away” from boring textbooks and plunge into a living environment.

Facebook groups. You won’t believe it, but you also can use Facebook in order to find a native speaker for language exchange! We can recommend a Faceboo group BlaBla Languae Exchange Online – Find your language partner. This is an opportunity to make friends from all over the world!

These are the main sites / applications that we use to study foreign languages. If you know more – write in the comments!