Online learning platforms: 21st century reality

In modern realities, especially at the present time, humanity is beginning to get used to the fact that online education can completely replace traditional education. Artgetting has found the best online resources for self-development.


The mobile app is a great way to learn a language. It may not replace a full-fledged training, but it can become an excellent addition. Here there are couple of apps which can be helpful for you:

Babble. With the help of this app you can learn 14 languages. In each topic, a student has the opportunity to practice in different ways – by developing listening, reading, writing and even speaking skills.
Hi, Jay! A free application whereby users search for native speakers nearby and make appointments to share cultural experiences.
Duolingo. You can learn four languages: English, Spanish, French and German. The creators claim that 34 hours of the Duolingo course are comparable to a whole semester of study at the university.


Today, courses are becoming available to the general public in an online format! We have selected for you the most useful, in our opinion, sites that will help you acquire new knowledge and maybe even a new profession.

Udemy. Here you will find online courses from professionals and amateurs on various topics. The site often arranges sales, so courses are available at very low prices.
Coursera. Unique online education platform offers the best university courses all over the world. Site offers more than 2,000 online courses at about 150 educational institutions,
Udacity. Specialized unique paid programs are offered and also some free courses in IT, application development, engineering, programming and other disciplines.

The best YouTube education channels

For those who like to learn and enjoy YouTube is the best way. So what you can watch?

TedEd. Videos on TedEd currently have over 6 million subscribers and they are growing every day. You can find there different lesson ideas and professional development opportunities.
Big Think. Thousands of videos bring really big and interessting ideas and core skills which are necessary for every pesrin in 21th century.
National Geographic. A famous magazine about nature and geography has also been transferred to the online format. YouTube channel has almost 14 million subscribers.