People Who Became Successful After 40

The average age of all businessmen are about 40 years old. Vera Wang didn’t design her first dress until she was 40. Henry Ford was only 45 when he created a car. A famous actor Samuel Jackson was 43 when he became famous.
You are soon 30 or 40, but you have not succeeded in life yet? This is not a reason to despair! Remember, success is not related to age. Artgetting is inspired by people to whom success came not at a young age.

Although we are used to trendy popular sites created by young entrepreneurs, LinkedIn is an exception. Reid Hoffman was trying to set up his own business during a long time. Firstly he created a social network Socialnet, but he didn`t manage to develop the site. He was working in PayPal during many years and only in 2002 he left a company to set up LinkedIn. He was 35 when he founded the company and 43 when it went public.

Robert Noyce, founder of Intel worked as a reasearch engineer. In 1957 he founded the Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation together with seven friends. After some success there together with Gordon Moore he founded Intel. At that time he was 41 years old. He oversaw the invention of the microprocessor, an innovation that revolutionized computer technology and forms the foundation of the machines we still use today (sourcer:

Donald Fisher was 41 years old when together with his wife Dorsi Fisher he founded The Gap. It’s now a $16 billion a year company.

Vera Wang was a Vogue editor and only when she was 40 y.o. she started to wotk as an independent bridal wear designer. She comissioned her own wedding dress for 10.000 dollars and then she opened hew own bridal boutique.

Carol Gardner was 52 years old, she was divorced, depressed and broked. And he made exactly what was necessary! She started her own company. When she won a local Christmas card contest with the picture of her dog, he decided to set up her own greeting card company. Its name is Zelda (after her dog). In 2010, Zelda Wisdom was valued at about $50 million.

Ray Kroc was 50 years old when he bought his first McDonald`s in 1961. After he expanded his business into a worldwide conglomerate. By his death, in 1984 he chain had 7,500 outlets in the United State. The total system-wide sales of its restaurants were more than $8 billion in 1983, and his personal fortune amounted to some $600 million.

Joy Behar is an American comedian, writer, and actress. She is also former co-host on The View. However, when she was 40 she was a high school English teacher. Also she had been working as a receptionist on Good morning America show before she became famous.

Harland Sanders didn`t have a great life when he was 65, he was broke, and fired form all jobs. Later he sold he first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in 1952 (at that time he franchised his secret recipe “Kentucky Fried Chicken” for the first time). The company’s rapid expansion to more than 600 locations became overwhelming for Sanders. In 1964, when he was 73 years old, he sold the Kentucky Fried Chicken corporation for $2 million ($16.5 million today).

Duncan Hines was 55 when he wrote his first food and hotel guide. Later he introduced Duncan Hines bread to the world through the Durkee’s Bakery Company. By 1953 (when Hines was 73 y.o.) he sold the right to use his name and the title of his book and later his name became related to to a number of food-related businesses. Nowdays Dincan Hines is very famous and recognizable food brand.

If you have not started your business, do not be discouraged! Never too late!