Photos Which Captured Important Moments in the History

Photos have tremendous value – they capture important historical moments that we will never see in real.

Apple Clothes. Apple is famous for inderesting and inspiring design. In 1980s brand had some special clothes which fans could buy.

The first photograph of lightning. In 1882 William Jennings made the very first photo of lightning. Of course, this is not the best shot from the point of view of art, but from the point of view of the history of photography this is an important moment.

106-year-old Armenian Woman Guards Home, 1990. At the photo we can see a 106-year old woman who sits in front of her home in her village in southern Armenia. This photo is made by the United Nations as armed conflicts took place in and around nearby Nagarno-Karabakh.

UN Photo/Armineh Johannes

Cotton Mill Girl, 1908. This photo was made by an investigative photographer, Lewis Hine. He captured a small girl who was working in the factory. This shot has changed people viewa as it became a cruical part of the campaign which made a change in legislation (it led to the 50% cut in the number of child laborers during next 10 years).

Migrant Mother, 1936. Dorothea Lange had a task to capture the most effected by the Great Depression group. Photo depicts a suffering woman and her children.

Portable Lemonade. This photo was made in Berlin on 1931, we can see a small boy selling lemonade with a portable dispenser. It is unusual photo because it is not typical photo even for a child of that time.

The Majestic Sydney Opera House. It is one of the most famous building in the world. Construction started in 1953 and it was finished only in 1973. Firstly Australian were anger as they thought that building of the contruction s they felt it was a waste of resources. Actually everything has changed and now people are proud of this building as Australia is famous thaks to that as well.

The Horse in Motion. Photographer Eadweard Muybridge decided to discover whether a horse takes flight when galloping. He used 12 cameras lined up in order to photograph in rapid succession by the galloping horse. The series of photographs also discovered a new way of using photography and led the way for the development of animation and motion pictures.

Country Doctor, 1948. This famous photo was made by W. Eugene Smith, photographer spent 23 days with a doctor following him around and getting to know him. This image became the beginning of new genre – photojournalism.

Milk Drop Cornet. Electrical-engineering professor Harold Edgerton made the series of experiments in his MTI labaratory and he found out that a camera can photograph a fleeting moment in the dark. He was able to freeze the ompact of drop of milk on a table.

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