Professions of tomorrow: what will your children do in the future?

Some 30 years ago there were those professions that now, it seems, no one needs. And after another 30 years, those professions that are too early to dream about will appear. Artgetting decided to tell you what your children will do in the nearest future.

Unusual professions

Speaking about unusual proffesions, just imagine that in some years it will be an opportunity to work as a digital tailor (who will take customers` measaruments with the help of technologies) or a personal brain curator (according to the corporation Cognizant he will uses experience of people to create virtual reality for them to inhabit there). Vertical Farm Consultant will take care of growing food in cotrolled environments and Smart Home Designer manager will try his best to design smart homes which will become a reality in the future.

These already existing jobs will be the most popular

Solar/Wind Enegy technicians, data analysts, physical therapists, genetic counselors – all these professions already exist, though some of them are still not so popular now. Technology professions will continue to gain popularity. Robotics Service Technicians, Nanotech Engineer, Remote Health Care Engineer – probably you have never heard about some of these professions, but yes, they already exist.

Jobs that don`t exist but probably will

It’s still hard to believe, but the professions of the future will become: brain implant specialist (in case a person will need new implant for virtual thelepaty or mood regulation), end-of-life manager (who will coordinate end-of-life events), urban security coordinator (for keeping people safe in crowded cities), cyborg designer. And what professıon would you choose?

Skills we will need

There are some vital skills we will definately need in the future to adapt to the realities of the labor market. The most important is active learning with a growth minderst. We should remember about diversity and cultural intelligence. People should continue to lean how to respect and work with others despite the language, culture, race, age, gender, sexual orientation etc. Also everyone should understand the significant impact of the new technologies.