Famous Street Art Across the World

One thing that rings true across the world is the cultural relevance behind street works of art. Graffiti, murals, vandalism—street art takes on various names, it is all like a free museum, truly artist expression.

ZdesRoy, Ukraine, Dnepr

This young Ukrainian author is the one who makes the city as unique as it is nowadays. His first artwork was created illegal. people from Ukrain city Dnipro call it Big Brother is watching you. We collected for you some of the works.


This famous artwork was created by Russian artist Dmitri Vrubel and became the most famous work of graffiti among the many well-known pieces on the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall was constructed in 1961 to separate West Berlin and East Berlin during the Cold War. In the 1980s, the wall became a popular place for graffiti artists to express themself. Also known as Fraternal Kiss.

Flower Thrower, Baloon Girl by author Banksy

Banksy is the most renowned graffiti artist and he has without a doubt made the biggest contribution in making street art popular. This well-known illustration represents a person involved in a protest armed with a bouquet of flowers instead of a firebomb. By replacing a bomb, which represents war, with flowers, which represent peace, the author is apparently conveying a message of hope of peace in a region harmed by warfare. The complete work is in black and white, except the flowers. This artwork is in Jerusalem, the Middle East.

The image of Banksy’s Girl with a Balloon has been used numerous times on prints, t-shorts, tattoos, etc. Singer Justin Bieber has a tattoo based on this artwork. Sincura Group removed the mural from the east London shop and sold it for £500,000. This was in February 2014. A print of the painting was auctioned for £56,250, more than twice of its estimated worth.

Eduardo Kobra

Eduardo Kobra grew up in São Paulo which is known for being a large, but lower-class city in Brazil. Deviating from notable figures, Eduardo Kobra has also stayed true to the everyday human subject, maintaining his bold color use to bring these individuals to light in his works. Within the same vein, his use of black and white images are breathtaking when placed against his colorful checkered backgrounds. View more at a author’s website

Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall or John Lennon Wall is a wall in Prague, Czechia. Since the 1980s people from all over the world fill in the wall with John Lennon-inspired graffiti, lyrics from Beatles’ songs, and designs relating to local and global causes. John Lennon Walk is a colorful wall with a lot of graffiti but essentially it is just a place where people take selfies and pictures. Nothing special.

Super Nurse – Amsterdam

The artist FAKE honours healthcare professionals during the Corona Pandemic 2020.

The Amsterdam-based street artist FAKE has created a mural, and free downloadable print of his new piece entitled “Super Nurse”. It is a tribute to all healthcare professionals around the world. To encourage them in these challenging times, to lift their spirits and send them love and appreciation, when so much is expected of them and so many people depend on their work. View more

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