The most unusual pictures that you should see

Art has always been and will be strange. Art is a very subjective concept: for one person the picture may be extremely clear, while for somebody else the same piece of art will not be clear at all. But there are such pieces of art that really can surprise everyone. Artgetting will tell you about the strangest pictures.

Man and Woman in Front of a Pile of Excrement

 Joan Miró

This is an oil painting by Spanish artist Joan Miró, painted in 1935 and is now in the collection of the Joan Miró Foundation. The name of the work itself is already causing a wave of indignation. But it was precisely this effect that the author sought, illustrating the adversities of the Spanish Civil War. The man and woman in the picture are drawn to each other, but at the same time they stand motionless.


Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon is a British painter who is known for the series of images with abstracted figures. In 2008, his ‘Triptychs’ broke a record in the art market and was sold to Roman Abramovich for $ 86 million. The surrealistic canvas was based on the ancient Greek myth of the pursuit of Orestes by the furies. But here, instead of the mythical character, we see the artist himself and his own torment.

Anna`s light

Barnett Newman

No, this is not just a red background, this is a painting by American artist Barnett Newman “Anna’s Light.” In reality, the picture can surprise you. This is a huge long canvas that must be viewed at close range. Moving slowly along the canvas, you will “drown” in a bewitching color transition. The picture is named in the memory of Newman`s mother who died in 1965.

The Lovers

Rene Magritte

The painting “Lovers” by the Belgian surrealist artist Rene Magritte is known to the viewer in two versions. On the first canvas, a man and a woman whose heads are wrapped in white cloth merged in a kiss, and on the other they “look” at the viewer. Someone sees the message “love is blind”, while others insist on the idea of great love.

Portrait de Paul Eluard

Salvador Dali

The most famous representative of surrealism, Salvador Dali, writes so unusual and sometimes strange pictures that the viewer often gets goosebumps. Portrait of Paul Eluard – this is the most expensive work of the master was sold in 2011 for 22 million dollars. As you know, the work was written for Eluard himself – Gala’s ex-husband, whom Dali took away from under the spouse’s nose just while working on the canvas. Would you like to hang this picture at your home above the bed?

The Apotheosis of War

Vasily Vereshchagin

It is the painting of Russian war artist Vasily Vereshchagin (1871 y.). He dedicated his work “to all great conquerors, past, present and to come”.
The artist depicted a mountain of skulls in the middle of a lifeless desert to emphasize the cruelty and meaninglessness of wars. Human conflicts bring only death and nothing more.

Saturn Devouring His Son

Francisco Goya

It is the painting of Spanish artist Francisco Goya. It depicts the Greek myth of the Titan Cronus are one of his children as he as afraid of being overthorown by his son. This is one of the pictures Goya has painted just onto the walls of his house. After artist`s death it was transferred to canvas.