Unusual Buildings That You Should See

Sometimes a building may look like a piece of art. Artgetting suggests to take a look at these unique buildings. They are amazing!


Graz Art Museum in Austrian city Graz is a futuristic-looking building built in 2003. The building has a shape of robotic heart and it is very different from typical Austrian architecture. The surface has 1000 fluorescent rings which create interesting parttens in the evening. Power energy of the museum comes from solar panels.

Stone House

Stone house or Casa do Penedo – it is an architectural monument located in northern Portugal. It was built in 1974 and was used by the owners as holiday destination. Now it is a small museum. There is no electricity inside the building. Currently it is a popular toursit attraction.

National Library in Minsk

This library (located in Minsk, Belarus) has the third biggest collection of Russian literature in the world. But the shape of the building is the main feature of this library. It has its own electronic resources, viewing platforms are available for visitors.


This unique building was built in Brussels in 1958. More than million people visit the building every year. The construction consists of nine steel spheres connected into ‘a cell’. You can visit one of 5 spheres to visit exhibitions or a restaurant. CCN travel calles this building one of the most strange building in 2013.

Lotus Temple

In New Delhi, India, you can see the temple which has a shape of lotus. Arichtecture Fariborz was inspred by lotus flower and designed this building which was opened in 1986. Temple is made from marble, molobite and cement. 2500 people an be inside the building at the same time, there are 9 huge doors and the pond beside.

Hallgrimur Church

This unique Lutheran Church is located in Reykjavik, Iceland. It is the tallest church in the country. Its shape was inspired by the shape of basalt rocks. It was a plan to surpass the Catholic church in Reykjavik, so this is the reason why the church is so tall. Visitors can lift up to the top of the church and see the beautiful view for free.


It is the office and residential complex in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). Its facade is covered by glass, interior is covered with 11 000 m2 of artwork. 3D techniques were used in order to do the artwork.


This residential building (Darmstadt, Germany) was designed by a famous architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser. There are 1000 windows and each one is different! Building has U-shape and there are no straight lines.

ING House

It is the former headquarter of ING Group at the business district Zuidas of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is nicknamed the shoe or the dustbuster. The postmodern design is by Amsterdam-based architects Meyer and Van Schooten. The building is constructed like a table on 16 angled steel legs.

Nemo Science Museum

Nemo Science Museum is one of the most popular museums in Amsterdam. The oxidized copper-clad iconic house of NEMO was designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano to resemble a ship at anchor in the middle of the old port.