Weird Business Ideas That Made a lot of Money

In fact, money can be earned on anything! Today we will tell you about the most interesting business ideas that have brought real profit!

Rent a chicken! In Traverse City (the USA) one family suggests people to rent a chicken. Why do they need to rent a chicken? To check whether they need to buy it. For 250 dollars they can see whether they reall want to raise their own chickens. The similiar business is set up in Austraia which is called Rent A Chook.

The Smashing Place. The company located in Tokyo, Japan allows clients ot buy a plate/a cup and smash it against a concrete wall. Clients can relieve the stress with the help of such unusual service.

I Do, Now I Don`t. The owner of the business, Josh Opperman was left by his fiancée and of course, he was very upset because of that. When he wanted to return a ring he was surprised, because he lost a lot of money. He set up a website ‘I Do, Now I Don`t that allows people to sell their engagement rings/jewellery to other users.

Reserve a Spot in Heaven. The website offres to cover your bases just incase if heavens exist (you should pay 15 dollars for that). You get a certificate, an ID card and a guide how to get into Heaven.

Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper. In order not to turn light on in the midnight when you are going to the bathroom, luminious toilet paper was created. It is quite original idea!

Hangover Helpers. Two colleges guys from Boulder (the USA) decided to set up unusual business: if a person has a hangover, they are coming to their client`s house with a breakfast burrito. They clean a house: dishes, pots, pans etc.

Million Dollar Homepage. A 21-year-old guy Alex Tew sold the whole place at his site for advertisment – each peace for 1 dollar. He sold out everything just after 4 months (once his site became popular and appeared in the media).

The Pet Loo. It is a square of fake grass that you can put insideyour apartment/house and it will let a pet to relieve himself. It is very necessary when you are busy and you don`t have time to go otu with your pet. It reminds a mini-backyard inside your place. This business was set up in Australia and after it was set up in the USA as well.

Bed Bug Barriers. Bed Bugs can be very terrible. A businessman Tony Abrams became very rich as he invented Bed Bug Barriers which keep bugs away from biting people while they are sleeping.

Spanx. Once Sarah Blackley cut off the bottom of her tights, and the idea of ​​corrective leggings, which she called Spanx, was born. Blackley had 5 thousand dollars in savings. With this money, she patented her invention and began to travel to all the North Carolina knitwear factories, persuading them to start producing the novelty she invented. In most cases, she was refused, saying that such a product would never find a buyer. But one manufacturer nevertheless decided to try to realize her “crazy idea.” By the early 2000s, its products became more advanced and began to be sold in first-class department stores. In the first three months of the existence of her business, Blackley sold 50,000 pairs of leggings at home, and today her “crazy idea” is booming.

Doggles. The creation and sale of safety glasses for dogs is a profitable business! Glasses for dogs can be found for less than $ 20. Their R&D team is currently working on dog contact lenses.

And which of the above listed businesses would you like to launch? Write in the comments!